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Lanzarote Masonic Centre


  Norman Lund: Secretary
Peter Slade: Treasurer
Richard Wendon
Roger Dadswell
Len Palmer


Its been brought to my attention that many Members of our Lodges, Chapters etc, would like to be brought up to date regarding progress on the up-grading of the Masonic Centre i.e. Leaky roof etc.

Bro. Slade is to take up the kind offer of Bro. Elwell to start work in the early part of 2014 on the inner skin of the upper floor walls, which is necessary to support the new Roof; we now have enough money to do this work. It is thought that volunteers will be available to labour around for Bro. Steve.

Bro. Slade spoke to the Treasurer of South Porch Lodge with regards to borrowing a large amount of money from the Lodge, the Treasurer was very interested in the Proposal, and gave a few suggestions on how it could be offered, the advice was much appreciated.

Its come to the notice by way of a few "Chinese whispers" from a few Brethren that it is seen to be a personal ambition of Bro. Slade to get a roof on the Temple, yes that is true and Bro. Slade will not deny that, however it is not the sole reason! Investigation by qualified surveyors say, that we have no choice but to roof the building because the current roof, is in fact a floor construction and not designed to protect the building from the Lanzarote weather, which has changed over the past few years. So unless we act very soon we are going to be faced with the upper floor corroding away and failing.

So my suggestion along with a few other Administrators is to get the upper floor walls built with all the necessary RSJs in position and which are necessary to support a new roof. When this phase is completed we can obtain estimates from some roof companies.

When all that is complete the Trustees will develop a plan and perhaps come cap-in-hand and ask for financial support, how much is offered depends on the amount we will obtain from the bank as a personal loan.

Sincerely Peter Slade, Administrator


  Lanzarote Masonic Centre; is an association known as Atlántida Del Sur SCP who own the building.

The association was formed by 14 Brethren from both South Porch Lodge, & Atlántida Logia; who were asked to make an interest free loan in order to assist in the purchase of the building, so that the Freemasons of Lanzarote, with their guests could meet, eat, drink and enjoy each other's company.

Every member from both Lodges at this time was invited or given the opportunity to become a trustee.

The agreement was that no profit could or would be made by any of the individuals who loaned money, and there was no discussion about repayment. However, due to personal reasons and bereavements, certain monies have been returned.

The Purchase price of the building, as a bare block shell was 5,000,000 pesetas (approx. 30050 Eur) and additional costs were offered to the previous owner to install mains electricity and water before occupation.

The building was bought by private contract through the normal legal process.

Arrecife Town Hall are fully aware the Building exists along with the rest of the properties in the road, and are not yet ready to segregate the land on which it stands; although they have said it will happen at some time. It is believed that some properties have licences, but we are not certain on this point.

In order to update the interior and make it fit for purpose, a Private Loan was raised, from the bank, to complete the re-furbishment of the Local block shell, and again no decision was made as to what should follow the Loan clearance.


The association rents the Lanzarote Masonic Centre to Lodges and Chapters in order to pay for Electricity, Water, Insurance, Loans, repairs and upkeep of the Lanzarote Masonic Centre.

The administrators will continue the rent agreements because expensive repairs to the upper floor are urgent. Deterioration of the upper floor is partly due to the change in weather conditions and the upper floor is not constructed as a roof; the materials and design are not to 'roofing specification' ie: not built to withstand inclement weather conditions.


The ambition of the Trustees is to roof the upper floor thus making the Lodge Temple a permanent set-up, keeping it strictly for Masonic purposes.

This will provide for a large room on the upper floor for general use.
That project however has been put on hold, due to lack of support by some key brethren.

Sadly of course, the passage of time has taken its toll, in a physical sense on the original stalwarts, therefore outside contractors have to be called upon to carry out all but the minimal tasks required to maintain and run the Lanzarote Masonic Centre.

The Administrators have kept the rent at the same level since "Day One" and will continue to do so, providing that Lodge dues are forthcoming on time.


BAR: The association owns and runs the Bar with the aid of volunteers from Lodges, for which we are grateful.
In the early days, the Bar was extremely capable of assisting with the upkeep, but due to falling attendances and lack of support, it now finds itself struggling to maintain that financial support.

Fixtures: In 2007 the Lanzarote Masonic Centre called on its members and visitors to assist with considerable interior refurbishment and was fortunate enough that donations were plentiful:
      * Air conditioning equipment was supplied by Atlántida Logia, and its installation funded by the Lanzarote Masonic Centre.
  * Bar and Kitchen furnishings and furniture, and considerably more was donated by South Porch Lodge.


For further information or comments on Lanzarote Masonic Centre please contact :

Peter Slade on 928 833 490 or Email lanzarotemasons@gmail.com



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