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The Meeting of Lanzarote Mark Lodge was held on Friday 13th September 2013 and was a night to remember. It was the Installation with W/Bro. Norman Lund Installing W/Bro. David John Wightman in the Chair of Adoniram. It was directed by W/Bro. John Crossingham who acted as Director of Ceremonies for that Evening, which in the opinion of all, was largely due to his work that the Ceremony was such a success.

The Master, W/Bro. Wightman invested his Officers with the exception of a few absentees who will be invested on some future occasion.

These proceedings were followed by superb Festive Board provided by our regular Chef Wendy Knowles. Not surprisingly, the Wine, Port and Whisky from the Quaiche flowed nicely.

As reported by W/Bro. Peter Slade



Masons throughout Spain and elsewhere assembled in Benidorm, at the Gran Bali Hotel, on the Friday and Saturday, 11th and 12th January 2013. The first event, which was held on the Friday afternoon, was a Meeting of the Temple Builders Lodge of Master Masons No. 1869 followed on the Saturday with the Installation meeting of the investiture of Rt. W/Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell as District Grand Master for the District of Spain. I wouldn’t have missed this for all the Sun in Lanzarote.


So starting on the Friday The Temple Builders Lodge was open by W/Bro. Eddy Bamford, P.G.A.D.C, The minutes were read followed by a Treasurer’s report this was followed by a rousing address by V.W/Bro. James Jordan emphasising what a fabulous job done by Rt.W/Bro. Robert Lesley Munday the outgoing District Grand Master who has done whilst in office, bringing Mark Masonry back from the brink of collapse, to my mind an address worthy of the Mason himself. The Lodge then gave the District Grand Master Honorary Membership of the Lodge. This was followed by the arrival of Somerset Ancient Mark Master Masons who demonstrated the making of a Mark Man circa 1795 in period dress.          


The Team from Bath in the UK, also known as the SAMMS Demonstration Team completed another spectacular event, Advancement, with the participants showing a few wobbles, certainly helped by a few swigs of Thatcher’s Cider, a true Somerset Cider.

We were left wondering how they managed to get the Cider over there in such quantity.

The Lodge was closed in due form followed by a festive board



 The Highlight of the weekend was obviously on the Saturday in the Crystal Auditorium within the Grounds of the Gran Bali Hotel, the Installation of the District Grand Master designate, a truly spectacular event with the presence of many distinguishing Grand and Provincial Grand Officers from the UK and Districts overseas, also attending many visitors of distinguished Rank representing their orders. The Deputy District Grand Master W. Bro. Rafael Rodriguez Porrua took the Chair and opened the District Grand Lodge so the Ceremony of Installation could commence.


The Installing officer Pro. Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Brother Benjamin Addy and his installation team were then escorted into the Temple. The Pro. Grand Master assumed the Chair and appointed his officers. Before the Ceremony commenced he gave an in depth C.V. on R. W. Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell giving his life history and the number of positions and offices he has had and continues to occupy in Masonry. W. Bro Barrie responded by saying it looks like you know more about me than I know about myself, which received an audible chuckle from all those present in the auditorium.

The Lodge was called off and all retired to the Hotel Lower ground Floor where a Lunch was served at 1:00pm.

Lunch was finished and everyone returned to the Crystal Auditorium where the Lodge was called on To complete the Master invested his Officers with the investment of a few Past ranks which were W/Bro. Jim Brown. Dist. Grand Senior Overseer and W/Bro. John Crossingham Past Grand J. Overseer.

Which finally the Installation was completed in fine Style.


As Reported by W/Bro. Peter Slade. P.Dist.S.O.

Petitioners or Founder Members.

W/Bro Rafael Rodriguez Porrua

W/Bro. Peter Slade (Secretary)

W/Bro. Derek Coles

W/Bro. John Crossingham (DC)

W/Bro. Norman Lund (Treasurer)

W/Bro. David Wightman

W/Bro. David Poxon

W/Bro. Miguel Bolanos. S.

W/Bro. Kenneth Thomson


We are the new "Lanzarote Mark Lodge No. 1902" and were Consecrated in April 2009.

"Mark well my Brothers"

Anyone interested in joining our Lodge please contact the Secretary

W/Bro. Peter Slade   lanzarotemasons@gmail.com


Website Owner: W.Bro Peter Slade P.Dist.S.O.

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